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"I just wanted to thank you, 'cause just this morning I found the poster I ordered there, packed up very well. I'm very satisfied of your online-shop: from now on your poster will tower over my wall!! "
Thanks again, Daniele

" Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the fact that you obviously spent more than a few minutes reading and considering my letter, as well as responding to me as an individual (as opposed to sending an automated or stock response). People who have met Ms. Guibert tell me she is a really great person, so I certainly will not hold anything against her. (I knew my chances were slim when I sent the letter, anyway.)
….intentionally omitted…
Thanks for responding and for being honest about everything. I appreciate it immensely. I hope everything goes well with the biopic, and I will look forward to seeing it. "

Ryan M. P

" Thanks so much for your reply and your words of wisdom. You must be so proud of Jeff and what he achieved in his all too short life. I recently went to New York and visited the new Sin E on Attorney Street and it was the guy on the door who looked at my ID and said, "hey, you any relation to Jeff" ? I guess it all began there but I always loved your sons music. My own mother made the connection between my Uncle John (My Dad's brother) who certainly bears a striking resemblance to Jeff. I must dig you out some old photo's and mail them to you to see for yourself ! Anyway, thanks for your advice and I certainly will keep in touch. "

All the best

"I just bought presale tickets yesterday for the Easton, PA concert. This will be concert number 5 seeing Ben. I'm so pumped I can't wait. My fiance and I are huge fans. Thanks Ben Folds Fan Club for everything and everyone going to the concert in Easton, PA bring your id cards and show em off proudly and ROCK THIS BITCH!!!!!!!!! :)"

"Thanks you guys - my pack arrived and was good fun. As a slightly more senior Ben Folds geek I am enjoying being part of the fan club and I always like getting live stuff from Ben and the boys who are sounding better every time.

Can't wait for Birmingham. Keep those fan type info things coming. Take care"


" I wanted you to know that it all worked out great. We didn't have to line up for very long and security brought us in before anyone else. They led us to a sitting area from which we could see the stage fairly well. Please express our thanks to all involved. "


" Wow--you guys get an A+ for the quick response. I appreciate it! "


" The pre release ticket idea worked really well and I'm looking forward to Birmingham UK in December. How's the other fan club stuff going? "

“Guys you just made my day, that is just awesome…this is just one of the best stuff that could have happened to me since I never really could get in the fan club”. –LB (from Brazil)


" Not sure if this is the right address to send this but... I just wanted to thank someone. Whoever it was that sorted out my order and is trying to get a copy of the In Transit DVD to me. Even if it's not possible I still really appreciate the effort and even just the acknowledgement and the fact that you got back to me so swiftly _ perhaps I'm a wee cynical but it seems that people don't tend to go out of their way for others too often. Particularly when theres no tangible benefit for themselves. I think it's another example of the fan club going the EXTRA YARD - the last time was sorting tickets out for the ULU gig, and I think it's brilliant and I am most greatful.

Also, in and interesting aside, I saw someone with the Fab t-shirt on at a gig in London a few weeks ago. He had a jacket on so you could only see the front (other people must have thought the guy was a dork) but when I said 'Fab Did' he looked like he was gonna cry.. Classic. Just another example of Alone, Together bringing harmony to the world I guess....

Thanks Again!!! "

"Thanks Jack. We appreciate all your help and enthusiasm! Thank you for making the Meet the U.S. Managers such a success! You rock."

All the best, Luann Williams
SXSW Music Sales
March 12-21 2010

"Hi Jack,
Thank you so very much for all of your hard work.  It was definitely the most successful session but I truly hope that the managers got something out of it, too.  Not just the people meeting with them."

All the best,
Amy Wanke
SXSW Conferences + Festivals
March 12-21 2010