George, a great person, musician, and friend will always have a special place in our hearts and minds.....may he rest in peace.

George Javori
Musical Tribute Show

at SIN-E (NYC) on March 8, 2006

In Memory- Myspace Page:

Several artists/friends who knew or played with the late George Javori (1972-2005) paid tribute to him with some stellar performances at Sin-e in New York City on March 8, 2006. The tribute show presented by Fun Palace Entertainment with host Nicholas Hill included the following live acts/performers in order of performance: George's 1st cousin Maia Grosz, Shackled Mind (including George's 1st cousin Marcel Grosz), Charlie Burnham, Timothy Hill, Katell Keineg, Rev. Vince Anderson with Andrew Hall, Alice Texas, Angela McCluskey, Botanica (with Paul Wallfisch, Dave Berger, Christian Bongers & John Andrews), Shivaree (Ambrosia + Ted Reichman), Amy Correia, Tim Otto Trio, Martha Wainwright, Ed Pastorini, Indigo Street, Shotnez (including Ori Kaplan), Todd A (Firewater) and Elysian Fields (Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles). Pre-recorded performances of George's musical friends unable to attend the tribute in person were also included in the programming (with thanks to DJ Dim Gurevich) including a poem read by Joan Baez with George on drums, a duet of George with Joan Wasser, two duets with George and Erik Della Penna and a duet with George and Beekeeper (Captain Beefheart).

A special thanks to the organizers including Tia Biasi, Ursula Snyder and the staffs of Sin-e & Fun Palace Entertainment. Also, a very special thanks to George's extended family and friends for attending and contributing photos for display (thank you Edit, Agnes & Andi) making this a most memorable night to pay tribute to George.



Highlights from the show:
Photos by: Andi Gozinsky, George's sister
Click thumbnail to enlarge

Alice Texas with Alice & Peter
Ed Pastorini playing with pre-recorded George over the house PA

Ed Pastorini, Indigo Street, Parker Kindred, Katell Keineg, Oren Bloedow
George's 1st cousin Maia Grosz playing
pots 'n pans

George's 1st cousin Marcel with his band Shackled Mind for their debut NYC show

Martha Wainwright with Andrew Hall

Elysian Fields with Jennifer Charles (kneeling) + Oren Bloedow)


Timothy Hill, Charlie Burnham, Tim Otto, Martha Wainwright, Host Nicholas Hill, Katell Keineg

Timothy Hill, Charlie Burnham, Tim Otto, Martha Wainwright, Host Nicholas Hill, Katell Keineg

Timothy Hill with Charlie Burnham, Tim Otto & Andrew Hall

Angela McCluskey backed by 3/4 of Botanica

Botanica with Paul Wallfisch, Dave Berger, Christian Bongers & John Andrews

Amy Correia singing "Glorious Bluebirds" with Oren Bloedow on guitar & Dom Richards on bass

Katell Keineg singing
"The Battle of the Trees"

Indigo Street, Katell Keineg, Oren Bloedow

Ed Pastorini, Indigo Street, Katell Keineg

Timothy Hill

Tim Otto on sax

Tim Otto Trio
Rev. Vince Anderson

Shivaree with Ted Reichman & an expecting Ambrosia Parsley









George Javori

Phone: (917) 482-5522
Email: or
Permanent Residence: Brooklyn , New York USA
Born in Budapest , Hungary , 9/20/72 , began drumming shortly thereafter (Citizenship: USA)

Management: Fun Palace Entertainment, Inc - New York City
Phone: (212) 489-2425




Drumming Recordings, Tours, Performances & TV Appearances

2002 – 2005
JOAN BAEZ, Koch Records
Genre: Folk/Rock
Recordings: Dark Chords on a Big Guitar (2003), Bowery Songs (2005)
Tours: Musical Director (2003-2005), Headlined theater tours/festivals worldwide (N. America, Europe, Asia)
TV Appearances: Mountain Stage (PBS), Soundstage (PBS)

2005 (May - August) & 2000 (January - August)
SHIVAREE, Capitol Records
Genre: Experimental-Pop/Adult Alternative
Recordings: Who’s got Trouble (2005)
Tours: Headlining club tour in United States and Europe to support I Outta Give You a Shot in the Head for
Making Me Live in this Dump
TV Appearances: Conan O’Brien Show (NBC) Music Video: “Goodnight Moon” (Capital)

2003 (January)
ERIN McKEOWN, Nettwerk America
Genre: Progressive Rock
Recordings: Grand (2003) and co-wrote Aspera (from ‘Will Be Like Birds’– 2005)
Tours: Headling club tour in United States

1995 – 2005 (Tours & Recordings - on & off)
ELYSIAN FIELDS, Radioactive & Jet Set Records
Genre: Rock
Recordings: Dreams That Breath Your Name (2004)
Tours: Headlining club tours worldwide

1999 (September - October)

NATALIE MERCHANT, Elektra Entertainment
Genre: Pop/Adult Contemporary/Adult Alternative
Tours: Headlining act in support of Natalie Merchant Live. United States and Canada
TV Appearances: Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), Late Night with David Letterman (CBS),
Rosie O'Donnell (ABC) Show, ABC's Millenium Series (ABC) - all aired nationally (United States)

1997, 2001 & 2003
FIREWATER, Universal Records
(This band is led by Tod A, formerly of Cop Shoot Cop)
Genre: Rock with gypsy and klezmer influences
Recordings: The Ponzi Scheme (1998)
Tours: Headlining act to support Get Off the Cross, We Need the Wood for the Fire (JetSet Records) &
The Ponzi Scheme; opening act for The Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys, Come, Afghan Whigs (N. America & Europe)
Music Video: “Green Light”

1994 - 1999
KATELL KEINEG, Elektra Entertainment
Genre: Pop/folk
Recordings: Jet (1997)
Tours: Headlining act to support Jet and O Seasons O Castles. Support act for John Hiatt, Boz Scaggs among others
(N. America and Europe)

2004 to Present
Genre: Free-form, Improvisation, jazz/rock
Recordings: Live sessions and JMPS - Wednesday April 28th 2004 (available at

Worked with Marc Cohn, Atlantic; Brenda Kahn, Columbia Records [recordings: Destination Anywhere (1994) includes guest recording/performance
with Jeff Buckley (N.America, 1995)]; ChrisWood & John Medeski (from Medeski, Martin & Wood); Mike Mok and the Big Five (rockabilly);
Oren Bloedow
(rock), Knitting Factory; Evan Lurie (film music, Trees Lounge); Martha Wainwright (pop/rock), Zoe Records; Dem Brooklyn Bums
(punk-swing); Amy Correia (singer-songwriter), Nettwerk & Capitol; Jennifer Jackson (singer/songwriter), Bar None; Chocolate Genius (live
performances and live recordings), V2 Records & Commotion Records; Gogol Bordello (Wedding Band From Hell), Rubric; Susan McKeown
(singer-songwriter), Sheila-na-Gig/Allegro; Mary Fahl, Sony Classical; Leona Naess, MCA; Richard Shindell, Koch Records; Dave Carter & Tracy
(folk duet), Signature Sounds; Angela McCluskey, Manhatten Records; and Haale Gafori. George Javori also played percussion for dance
classes at Alvin Ailey Dance School, 1997-1998, and for an American Ballet Theater performance at the Metropolitan Opera House, Summer 1998.
He has also played with many Jazz artists over the years including Milt Hinton, Matthew Munisteri & Tim Otto.







Joan Baez
Joan Baez
Oren Bloedow & Jennifer Charles
Elysian Fields
Elysian Fields
Peter Galub
Gabriel Gordon
Tim Hill
Tim Hill
JMPS (conceived by George Javori)
Brenda Kahn
Brenda Kahn
Katell Keineg
Knife and Fork (Eric Drew Feldman)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Erin McKeown
Erin McKeown
Duke McVinnie’s Flying Lessons

Duke McVinnie
Soundtrack: Trees Lounge
Various Artists (Compilation)
Linda Thompson
Elysian Fields
Sara P. Smith
Kelley Mcrae
Sinead Lohan

Recording (year):

Dark Chords on a Big Guitar (2003
Bowery Songs (2005) –
Mar Enfortuna (2001)
Elysian Fields (1996)
Dreams That Breathe Your Name (2004)
Ponzi Scheme (1998)
Psychopharmacology (2001)
Songs We Should Have Written (2004)
Boy Gone Wrong (2003)
Great Life (1998)
Frequency (2000)
The Human Place (2004) –
This Bright World (1998)
Wednesday April 28th 2004 –
King of Cairo (1994)
Destination Anywhere (1996)
Jet (1997)
Miserycord (2004)
McGarrigle Christmas Hour (2005)
We Will Become Like Birds (2005)
Grand (2003)
Flying Lessons (2004) –

Sex & Death (2003)
Who's Got Trouble? (2005)
Big Apple Pie (1995)
Original Soundtrack Recording-Trees Lounge (1996)
Teleconned, Vol. 1: We Want The Airwaves (1998)
Forthcoming Release (2005)
Forthcoming Release (2005)
Forthcoming Release (2005) –
Forthcoming Release (2005)
Forthcoming Release (2005)
Forthcoming Release (2005) –
Forthcoming Release (2005)

Record Label:

Jet Set
Jet Set
Jet Set
Dove & Pigeon
Suprize Truck
Cutting Board
Nettwerk Amer.
Nettwerk Amer.


Drums, Musical Director, Percussion
Drums & Dumbek on El Landron & Los Marineros
Drums on Boom Boom
Drums, Percussion, Co-wrote all songs
Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Hand Drums
Trap Kit
Drums, Bells
Co-wrote 1 song (Aspera)
Drums, Tambourine, Shaker
Drums, Percussion, Co-wrote 3 songs
(Wadayasay?, Airport, Allen Street)
Drums on Nothing Lasts
Drums, Dumbek, Percussion
Drums on Gotta Be a Big Man (country/gospel song)
Dumbek, Percussion
Drums, Percussion
Drums on 1 song
Drums, Percussion
Drums, Percussion


Brandon Mason (Engineer/Producer)
Matthew Cullen (Engineer/Producer)
Malcolm Burn (Producer/Engineer)
Victor Van Vugt (Producer/Engineer)
J D Foster (Producer, Musician)
Eric Drew Feldman (Producer, Musician)
Pete Min (Producer, Engineer, Musician for jingles)
Mark Spector (Producer, Manager-Joan Baez, Sinead Lohan, & Richard Shindell)




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Photos by: Crook Stewart
*Except family photos


George’s grandfather Antal Jaroka on violin and George’s grandmother Agnes Jaroka on drums.


George’s father Vilmos Javori in the 1970’s who remains a Jazz drummer in Hungary .

George Javori ( 3 rd generation of drummers)


George Javori performing at
Mountain Stage

George Javori Performing at Soundstage

George Javori performing with Steve Earl & Joan Baez


George Javori with Joan Baez

George Javori with Shivaree

George Javori performing with Graham Maby