Mission: Develop a close relationship between fan and artist.
Essence: Enhance and preserve the level of:
  *Creative Integrity
  *Truer Nature/Flavor
Method: *The Internet - Artist websites, Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, more...), E-list newsletters, fan club websites and maintenance, message boards, E-street teams
  *Grassroots Promotion - Fan clubs, direct merchandise, live events, localized street teams
Outcome: To Create:
  *Wider Fan Base
  *Long-Term Fan Loyalty and Increase Fan Allegiance
Fan Club Relations Services

After years of experience working with 'grassroots' oriented artists such as Jeff Buckley, The Strokes and the Allman Brothers Band, Fun Palace has maintained the implementation of a 'grassroots / word-of-mouth' method of fan association management for all our clients. Fun Palace helps develop a close personal relationship between each and every individual fan and their artist. Fun Palace can enhance and preserve the level of creative integrity, authenticity, loyalty and truer nature/flavor of the artist DIRECTLY to their Fans. Through Fun Palace various services and outlets, which aim to assist in the promotion and marketing of the artist, Fun Palace maximizes the size of the potential fan base and level of correspondence with all fans, without overburdening the time of the busy manager or artist. Fun Palace creates an opportunity for the artist to 'give back' and praise the ones whom make a career possible, THE FANS, thus building a bridge between the artist and their audience.

Fun Palace Entertainment, Inc. offers a consulting arm to management in the area of fan relations that provides outreach with a personal touch. Through the servicing of artist-related promotional materials, supporting the record label's campaign, and direct marketing to the core and most fervent fans of the artist, Fun Palace achieves the prime objectives of creating a 'community', a wider fan base, an increase in fan allegiance to the artist, and long-term fan loyalty through our various outlets of direct contact and marketing to the artists' target market.

The staff of Fun Palace Entertainment have a combined 30+ years of experience in marketing and promoting artists; from the vantage point of 'The Road' to the 'under-the-major-label' radar from The Internet

Fun Palace has learned how to combine classic grassroots marketing techniques of interfacing with fans one by one, with a personal touch while utilizing the innovation of The Internet and all the ways fans attempt to reach out to the music artists and their fellow fans.

Fun Palace clients over the years include 'grassroots' oriented artists
such as:

Being cost effective yet thorough, Fun Palace provides wide ranging tactics to directly connect with fans via the Internet. Going beyond providing a buffet of content and outreach via the artist's home website, Fun Palace DRIVES potential fans to the artist's home website by targeting fans online through a 'guerilla' outreach. Fun Palace tactics utilize the following secondary online outlets (not traditionally served with regular attention by the artist/record companies):
  • social networks
  • message boards
  • artist forums
  • chat rooms
  • instant messaging

Secure Mailing Address
Through the creation of a secure mailing address (PO Box) determined and agreed upon by both parties (Fun Palace and the Artist), Fun Palace provides a clearinghouse for all fan inquiries/correspondence via 'snail mail', separate from the artist's 'home' address or the management's address that must handle regular business duties. The Secure Mailing Address enables Fun Palace to:

  • Handle all of the Artist's 'Fan Mail' by sorting through and separating all 'Fan Mail' from other miscellaneous mail (merchandise orders or mail directed to your Fan association) All Fan mail is then delivered to the necessary party to ensure it ultimately reaches the artist.
  • Process merchandise fulfillment of orders
  • Process Fan Association memberships and obtain all necessary contact information from Fans opting to join.

Online Correspondence/Mass Mailings
Fun Palace manages extensive E-mail, Mailing, and Correspondence list of all members.

  • Process online payments for Fan Club Entry, Merchandise, and/or other payments.
  • Fun Palace provides customer service via email, phone, or 'snail' mail to all Fan Club Members inquiries.
  • Mass E-Mail: News updates, E-Newsletters, Contests, Advance Ticketing options, Prizes/Giveaways, Fan Club Updates, Other miscellaneous content. (prior to producing & distributing anything, all text and artwork is approved/provided by client/artist)
  • Ability to Customize Visual aspects of Emails using various state of the art templates, colors, and artwork. (prior to producing & distributing anything, all text and artwork is approved/provided by client/artist)
  • Ability to Send Mass E-Mails to specific regions around the world only. (i.e. Tri-State Area, Los Angeles area, Europe, etc...)
  • Obtain and process any member information updates (name, change of address, e-mail address, etc.)

Extensive Database Management
Fun Palace creates an exclusive and secure Database of all membership information as well as other miscellaneous information needed to be compiled and stored (for example, Name, Shipping address, email address, telephone/mobile phone numbers, date joined, what Items where shipped, length of membership, and method of payment).

  • Limitless number of names and contact information.
  • Ability to organize and separate data by various regions of the country/world for the convenience of searching or adding a contact (example, sort by: Name, Zip code, city, state, country, or email address)
  • Able to add miscellaneous fields accordingly for more in depth searches and data organizing.
  • Organize and execute shipments and or mailings/emails by State, country, or region of the world.
  • Keep sales records of all merchandise and/or fan club related shipments processed.

This Database is owned exclusively by the client/artist who have the ability to obtain and access information of all individuals entered into the database 24 hours a day. In addition, by request of the client/artist, Fun Palace has the ability to routinely make updates and changes to the database (and information kept) based on the client/artist's personal needs.

Fan Club Site
Fun Palace works with and assist client/artist in the production and operation of an exclusive 'Fan Association' website which will, in turn, maximize the possible benefits and outreach for both the Artist and their Fans. Implementation of an Exclusive site will:

  • Create a more personal connection between Artist and Fan.
  • Provide more efficient and convenient correspondence between Artists and Fans through contact/inquiry links, online chats, and message boards.
  • Ability to open an Exclusive Member Merchandise online store.
  • Enables members to personally update their own contact information.
  • More convenient and secure methods for fulfilling merchandise orders.
  • Enable Fans to continuously be informed, involved, and connected with the artist 24/7 online.
  • Generates an increased Fan loyalty to the Artist by making fans even closer to the artist's music/nature, via the click of a mouse.

Exclusive Merchandise
Fun Palace offers artist fan club members an exclusive (pre-approved) merchandise line. These merchandise items are made available for order by members through both ‘snail’ mail and online.

  • All Merchandise orders are processed, serviced, and shipped worldwide (via cost-efficient United Postal Service) through Fun Palace.
  • Merchandise will be processed through: Check, Money order, or Online Creditor.
  • Fun Palace provides sales, inventory and expense records for client/management/accountant.
  • Fun Palace warehouses all merchandise.
  • Fun Palace offers Personalized service/re-servicing and customer service of all merchandise orders.

Shipping Fullfilment
Fun Palace processes, packages, and ships all content being sent to the Fans from the Fun Palace warehouse including, but not limited to:

  • Merchandise (for example, t-shirts, magnets, buttons photos, posters)
  • Newsletters
  • Exclusive Gifts/Prizes
  • All other shipments chosen by the artist (pins, fashion gear, music, etc.)

Fun Palace provides daily customer service, and replies to any shipping problems, exchanges, or inquiries without delay. Fun Palace has an online track record dating back to 1998 for such service.

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