Current Clients
Artist Management
Fun Palace Entertainment has a combined 30+ years of artist management experience amongst its staff on a full-time basis. The managers at Fun Palace have worked with legendary rock artists such as Gregg Allman (Epic), 'Papa' John Creach (Hot Tuna), Ronnie Spector to critically acclaimed modern rock artists including Jeff Buckley (Sony/Columbia), The A.M. (Storm-UK), Ours (Dreamworks), The Fenwicks (Guitar Recordings/Cherry Lane) and Greg Garing (Warner/Revolution) & his Alphabet City Opry.

Fun Palace continues to work with a hand-picked, small roster of both internationally known and developing artists on a very hand's-on manner. Fun Palace's vision is to provide representation that promotes the artist's originality, preserves integrity, protects ownership and control of the music, and creates long term relationships that prove to continue the lifespan of an artist's career.

As a leading and active board member of the Music Managers Forum since 1996, Fun Palace has actively fought and supported artists rights through major changes in the music industry; from the Nirvana-inspired rise of alternative music and the independent-minded DIY music, to the shifts from traditional promotion/street marketing to internet-driven sales and online marketing. Since 1993, the managers of Fun Palace have been consultants or panel participants in the world's leading music industry conferences and events including SXSW (Austin, Texas), CMJ (New York City), In the City (Manchester, UK), MIDEM (Cannes, France), the Pacific Circle Music Convention (Sydney, Australia), Grammy Showcase presented by the Recording Academy (New York/Los Angeles) and the New Music Seminar (New York City).

Fun Palace approaches and embraces the music industry on a WORLDWIDE basis, establishing business relationships, engaging in tours, speaking engagements and consulting opportunities with the music industry in all corners of the world...Beijing, Prague, Tokyo, Toronto, Manchester, Paris, Mexico City, Sydney, Minsk and more; in addition to working not only with artists/clients from across the United States, with day-to-day clients/business partners from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Australia, Japan, and Sweden.